Who are we?

We are an early-stage venture fund with a focus on startups that are looking to build marketleading companies that disrupt traditional sectors with the use of cutting-edge technology. And as a team of seasoned entrepreneurs-turned-investors, we understand that in addition to capital, successful start-ups also need all the guidance and support they can get.

What interests us

We firmly believe that technology holds the potential to shape our lives today and tomorrow. And we actively look to partner with technology-backed startups that promise a high potential for growth. These are some of the qualities we look for in startups:

Passionate and committed founding teams
Large and addressable markets
Clear differentiation
Scalable business models
Innovations that address well-defined pain points

Our focus areas

Target Sectors

Agriculture Technology
Clean Technology
Education Technology
Financial Technology
Healthcare Technology
Manufacturing Automation


Artificial Intelligence
Emerging Technologies
Industrial IoT
Machine Learning
VR and AR

What value we bring

We help startups create an environment geared for exponential growth through services that benefit every leg of your business. All our services are geared to help you achieve efficiency and growth, give you an edge over competition, and help you create new benchmarks in quality and performance.
In addition to capital, we provide:

Strategic support and hands-on guidance
Team building
Client and Partner acquisition
Support for further rounds of financing